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Ariel Atom

What are the requirements for having a car insured with an Agreed Value policy?

  • Vehicle must have a collectability (examples: limited edition, age, appreciated value, sports car)
  • Car is kept in a fully enclosed locked garage when not in use
  • Car is driven less than 6000 miles per year
  • Car is a secondary vehicle in the household and not depended on for daily transportation
  • All drivers in the household have a car for their daily use that is not the collector car
  • Mainly driven for pleasure or show purposes

How much does insurance cost for an Ariel Atom?

The premium for this vehicle has a wide range. There are several factors that can impact the rate determination:

  • State that it is licensed and titled in
  • Value of the vehicle
  • Age of the vehicle
  • Deductible
  • Annual miles driven
  • Driving record of the drivers

The average expected premium for this type of vehicle ranges between $800 to $2000 per year (assuming covered on a collector auto policy)

Does an Ariel Atom qualify on a Collector Auto Policy?

Yes, we are able to provide coverage for this type of vehicle on a Collector policy. Please note that there are other factors besides car type involved with determining eligibility for a Collector Auto policy.

I want to race my Ariel Atom, will you provide coverage for this?

NO. Personal auto policies (collector or private passenger) exclude racing of any kind.

My Ariel Atom is titled in my LLC name, does this impact my insurance?

If your vehicle is titled in an LLC name, we can still provide coverage as long as the LLC does not have multiple non related owners.

My Ariel atom is licensed in a state that I do not live in. How does this affect my insurance?

If your vehicle is licensed in another state (such as Arizona or Montana), the insurance policy would be written to comply with the laws of that state. It is important to advise us that your vehicle is titled in a different state so that it is insured correctly.

I do not have a VIN # yet for my car, can I still insure it?

Yes, you will have a serial number provided by the manufacturer. This is the number that would be used until the point that your car is assigned a VIN # (generally required by the state). Once the vin# is assigned, be sure to report it promptly to us. This will help you to avoid issues with insurance reporting and the DMV.

My car is being built when should I get insurance on it?

This is a bit tricky. It is strongly suggested that you discuss with the company that you have purchased the vehicle from their requirements. They may have addressed this in your sale contract. Our general recommendation is that you should obtain insurance once the car is complete and going to be shipped to you. Especially if you have paid for the car in full and a third party is providing the shipping.

Why would I want to insure my Ariel Atom on a Collector policy?

  1. Collector policies will settle a total loss claim on an agreed value basis. This means that if we insure your car at a $100,000 value and you were to have a total loss, the company would pay $100,000 (less deductible) for your claim.
  2. Cars are our specialty and there is a different level of expertise that goes along with it. We have adjusters that understand cars and know how to find parts and body shops that can handle repairs properly.
  3. Newer cars generally depreciate at a rapid rate on a traditional auto policy.

Do you have an age restriction to be a driver on my Ariel Atom?

Yes, the normal requirement for a driver is 26 or older. Exceptions can sometimes be made but it is rare.

What is the difference between insuring my car on a collector policy versus my regular auto policy?








How do I get a quote for my Ariel Atom?



Complete the quote request form on our website


Call us at 800-801-1823 ext. 100





Disclaimer: Not all products are available in all states. All quotes must be reviewed by underwriting to determine qualification in any quoted program.

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