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Collector Car Insurance

Why Rally?

Collector Car InsuranceWe are car lovers that understand that insurance is not one size fits all. Our knowledge of both cars and coverage allows us to provide better options for our customers. There are many companies that offer coverage for collector cars but they do not all do it in the same way. Our customers are confident that their cars are insured the best way possible for their needs.

Agreed Value Coverage

All of our companies offer this coverage in the event of a total loss. This means that the value of your car is listed on your policy. If you were to have a total loss, this is the amount that would be paid. No depreciation is applied, no second guessing on the value. Our customer are confident that they will not get short changed if they were to have a claim.

Claim Handling like a Champ

Since this is a specialty, claims are handled by claims adjusters that are also car enthusiasts. Your collector car is different than your daily car, we get it. Our customers are confident that their claim will be handled by people that understand collector cars.

Flexible Usage

We offer policies that allow pleasure driving, work usage and a variety of different mileage plans. You have a trailer queen that is barely driven? We have a plan for this. You have a car that is driven to work on occasion and you might take out on date night? We have a policy for this. Our customers are confident that they are not paying for coverage that they do not need.

Independence is good

We are not employees of an insurance company. This allows us to better serve our customers. Independence allows for choice, competition and better flexibility. Our customers are confident that their insurance policy is providing them with great coverage at a reasonable price.

Agents that provide excellent service and knowledge

It is not just about understanding collectible cars and your needs. It is also understanding how that translates to correct coverage. Our agents are here to work for you. Insurance can be confusing and you can sometimes get a different answer each time that you call a company. We are not a call center, you will speak to the same people each time that you call. Our customers are confident that we know them and they know us.

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