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Toyota Supra

How do I get a quote?

You can get a quote by either completing the form on our website.


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How much does insurance cost for a Toyota Supra?

The cost to insure a Supra on a collector policy depends on many different variables:

    • If the car is stock or modified
    • Value of the car
    • If modified, the extent of the modifications
    • Usage
    • Annual miles

Using a sample value of $50,000 the cost to insure could range from $420 to $650 (annual).

How is a Toyota Supra insured?

We offer 4 types of auto policies on this type of vehicle. The different policy types are as follows:

1. Collector Auto policy with restrictions (Agreed Value)
a. This type of policy is normally quoted if the car is used in the format described below
2. Private Passenger Auto policy (Actual Cash Value basis)
a. This type of policy is normally used if high annual mileage is requested and no unusual restrictions wanted
3. Low Mileage auto policy (Actual Cash Value)
a. This type of policy is normally used for low mileage and no unusual restrictions
4. Collector no restrictions (Agreed Value)
a. This type of policy is used when the car is a secondary vehicle in the household, driven slightly higher than 6000 miles and no unusual restrictions are wanted

What are the restrictions of a Collector Policy?

  • Car is driven less than 6000 miles per year
  • Secondary vehicle in the household (meaning not depended on for your daily transportation needs)
  • Car is garaged when not in use (overnight at home)
  • Driven primarily for pleasure & show use

What is the difference between Agreed Value, Actual Cash Value & Stated Value?

  • Agreed Value – This type of policy will list a value for the car on the policy. If you were to have a total loss, this is the amount that the insurance company would pay for it less any deductible.
  • Stated Value – This type of policy will list a value for the car on the policy but it is subject to depreciation. This settlement form says that in the event of a loss they will pay either the stated amount or actual cash value whichever is less. The idea behind this is acknowledgement that the car has a higher than typical value at the time that the insurance is placed.
  • Actual Cash Value will not list a value for the car on the policy. If you were to have a loss they would make settlement based on current value for your car based on market and condition.

How is the value determined on a modified car?

There are many tools used to help establish the value of a modified car. The better the documentation provided, the easier it is to come to an agreeable value. The following information is used when trying to calculate value:

  • Purchase price (if a recent purchase)
  • Bill of Sale
  • Invoices for parts/accessories
  • Comps for similar cars for sale
  • Build Sheet
  • Appraisal

What kind of modifications are allowed?

We can consider cars that are highly modified. Race type of modifications can be done but are underwritten carefully. These modifications are as follows:

  • Harness seatbelts
  • Roll Cage/bar
  • N.O.S.
  • Super Charger
  • After Market Turbo
  • Blower

The following are not acceptable:

  • Wheelie bar
  • Parachute

Does my Daily Driver car have to be newer than my collector car?

Our companies generally want to see that your daily driven car is no more than 20 years old.

What are the age requirements for a driver?

  • We will consider a driver that is 21 or older as long as the meet all the normal criteria on a collector policy and also the following criteria:
    • No driving activity (tickets or accidents in the past 3 years)
    • No history of aggressive driving in the past 5 years
    • The car can’t be highly modified with racing & performance parts
  • Drivers between the age of 26 -30 with a highly modified car
    • Experience with driving a performance vehicle
    • No at fault accidents
  • If the car is not highly modified – 21 is the minimum age
  • If the car is highly modified – 26 is the minimum age

Will you provide coverage if I race my car?

No, all auto policies exclude racing of any type.

Please note that when we refer to no restriction this means that the restrictions would be the same as any traditional auto policy. It is not implied that the policy will cover everything that a driver may do with his car. Normal personal auto policy exclusions would all still apply. Coverage varies from state to state and we make every effort to advise customers on an individual basis.



Disclaimer: Not all products are available in all states. All quotes must be reviewed by underwriting to determine qualification in any quoted program.

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