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Dune Buggy Insurance

Meyer Manx Style

How much does Dune Buggy Insurance Cost?

The cost for Dune Buggy Insurance depends on the value of the buggy, usage and classification. A typical premium that we will see for an average value dune buggy (under $10,000) would be between $250 – $500 per year. The premiums are based on the following information:

  • Value of the Dune Buggy
  • Expected annual mileage
  • Classification of the Buggy
  • Driving record of the operators
  • Address of the Dune Buggy owner (rates vary from state to state)

Sand Rail Style

We are able to offer 3 types of Dune Buggy Insurance. The type that your buggy qualifies for is based on 4 factors.

1. The type of Dune Buggy you own (Classification)
a. Sand Rail – Defined as tubular body construction and exposed engine
b. Manx Buggy style – Defined as generally built on a VW chassis and has an enclosed motor

2. Where your Dune Buggy is operated
a. Not Street Legal
b. Street Legal

3. How your Dune Buggy is stored
a. Kept in a fully enclosed and locked garage
b. Not kept in a fully enclosed locked garage

4. How you use your Dune Buggy
a. Off road use
b. Car shows
c. Pleasure driving
d. Drive to work

What are the different types of insurance available for a Dune Buggy?

We are able to offer 3 different types of coverage.

  • Collector Auto- provides Agreed Value coverage on the value of the buggy
  • Private Passenger Auto – Provides either Stated Amount or Actual Cash Value coverage (optional)
  • ATV Insurance – Provides either Stated Amount or Actual Cash Value coverage

What is the difference between Agreed Value, Stated Amount and Actual Cash Value

Agreed Value guarantees that if your buggy is either totaled or stolen that you will get the amount listed as the value as settlement on the claim. Example: your buggy is insured for $10,000 and it is stolen. The insurance company will then pay $10,000 for the loss less deductible.

Stated Amount says that the insurance company will pay whichever is less, stated amount or actual cash value. The insurance company is recognizing that your vehicle has a specified value when it was originally put on the policy. If you were to have a total loss, they would settle based on market value for your type of vehicle. If they value has increased, they would pay you the stated amount. If the value has decreased, they will pay you the less amount.

Actual Cash Value is the most common loss settlement done by insurance companies. The insurance company will be less specific to your vehicle and will base it more closely to market value at the time of loss.

Does my Dune Buggy qualify for Collector Auto Insurance?

Our collector companies will only provide coverage for Dune Buggies if they meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a Manx style Dune Buggy (no tube chassis)
  • Must be street legal
  • Must be kept in a fully enclosed locked garage when at home
  • Must be driven less than 6,000 miles annually
  • Must be a secondary vehicle in the household and not relied on for daily transportation
  • Buggy is not used for any off road use

I have a Manx style dune buggy, which policy type should I get? **

If it is street legal and not used for off road activity: Collector Auto Insurance

If it is used for off road and NOT street legal: ATV policy

If it is street legal but does not meet the criteria for collector auto: Private passenger Auto

If have a Sand Rail style buggy, which policy type should I get?

If it is street legal: Private passenger Auto

If it is not street legal: ATV policy

Collector insurance is not available for this type of buggy.

**Please note that this a generic description and not taking into account a specific risk. An agent may recommend a different type of policy based on state availability, drivers and usage.

How do I get a quote for my Dune Buggy?

Complete the quote form on our website


Call our office at 800-801-1823

Disclaimer: Not all products are available in all states. All quotes must be reviewed by underwriting to determine qualification in any quoted program.

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